Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another fun Day

Another fun day. I guess I haven't been good at uploading to my Blog. Hate to say it but work gets in the way. But I did get to go to Stamp Shack yesterday and take two more fun classes with Margarita. We had a great time. I have to say that we got to iron and clean.....nope it sure was a lot more fun that cleaning the house and ironing blouses.... The first class was doing a collage card. I had never used Golden Soft Gel Medium with a stencil. Notice the corners of the picture below. We got to spray the watercolor paper, stamp an image then stenciled using the gel medium, used watercolors around the stencil, then ironed the card. There was a lot more to it but it turned out great. Really have to do more of this techinque.

Then we got to do the first page of our Altered Book Collage Classes. The first techinque was a Liquid Polymer Clay technique. This is where we got to "clean". We used a ceramic title to spread the Liquid Polymer Clay and had to clean it real good before we used it. This technique took awhile, but we really had a fun time. I have to "clean" up the page by cutting away the liquid clay but wanted everyone to see it in it's "almost done" stage.

Everyone's page turned out great. Now we have to do the back of the page so that we can use it in our book. Can't wait for next month to do some more techniques. We were going to be doing the techniques for the book every other month, but due to a little baby on the way, we are doing it every month now.