Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rhoda's Runied Art

Thought I better do something on my blog. Last weekend I went to another class and had a fun time. After the class one of the gals showed us some of the mixed media pieces that she did. One of them was on fabric. She said that she read about this technique in an Expression Magazine. What it called for was to mix up some plaster and spread it on a piece of muslin. After it dried you could paint it using any type of paint or ink that you wanted. Well on Sunday at Pat's Studio we thought, let's try it. After we all tried it, they all went in the trash. Sure didn't work good for us. But...........Rhoda grabbed my piece and said " I will work on it and it will be wonderful"....This is now called Rhoda's Runied Art.......We all think that it should go with the other criminal art that was done. Here is the unveiling of this wonderful work of art.....LOL

Friday, May 2, 2008

Orphan Works Act

I hope you all have heard about the Orphan Works Act that is trying to be passed by our US Government. This is something that should be stopped. If you haven't read or heard much about it, an artist friend of mine has some wonderful information and great links so that you can learn more. Please go read Kim's blog entry....