Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fibre In-Form

My goodness I sure haven't update my Blog in a long time. Been having so much fun, that I keep forgetting to do it. I have been taking a class with the gals at Fibre In-Form and having a ball. This is the first class and we are supposed to make some samples to use for the rest of the classes. We are working with molding paste, wall paper, yarns, puff paint, you name it. I tried to upload some pictures of the molding paste and wallpaper samples, but they are white on white and you can't see much at all. But below are some samples that show up. The top left is lace and yarn stitched on a base of duck cloth. The top right are pieces of wallpaper stitched on duck cloth. And the bottom two are yarns stitched on duck cloth. I don't know how many samples we need to move on, but I sure ended up making a lot of them. I still have to add French Knots and puff paint to the yarn samples.