Monday, March 10, 2008

Myrna's Backgrounds

Have to show you the other neat background that we did. A big thank you to Myrna for showing us this one. Take a piece of cold press watercolor paper, lay a line of acrylic paint on the very top of the paper. Use an old credit card and scrape the paint down the paper. Run another line of a different color and scrape that down the paper also. Then take a spritzer filled with water, spritz the paper and then using the credit card, scrape down the paper again. This really turns out great. I do have to admit that Myrna did the darker one on the left of the picture. She was nice enough to give it to me. Guess she knew I would grab it anyway.....LOL

Thanks again Myrna for another fun techinque we did.

Background Papers

The Stamp Crew met on Saturday and we had some wonderful Show and Tells. They were sew kewl. Barbara E showed us some wonderful background papers that she did and we all fell in love with them. So of course on Sunday a group of us got together and had to "do it". Of couse we couldn't remember everything Barbara told us so we had to give her a call. She was so terriffic telling us how. These backgrounds are made on Gloss Paper, and after some experimenting I did, it doesn't work on Photo Paper. We had some regular Gloss Paper, sprayed some Memory Mists on two pieces, put one on top of the other and squished them together. When you peel them apart you get the greatest backgrounds. Do this on some waxed paper and after you are done playing you get some really good waxed paper to use too. We all thought that these looked like what you would end up with if you were using Encaustic Wax and it was a lot easier. I did try and emboss on one to see what it would look like. Turned out fine. Really didn't give much thought to the stamp I used, but I am sure that if you want to make some cards, colleges, whatevers anything will work. Here are a few of the ones I did.