Monday, March 10, 2008

Myrna's Backgrounds

Have to show you the other neat background that we did. A big thank you to Myrna for showing us this one. Take a piece of cold press watercolor paper, lay a line of acrylic paint on the very top of the paper. Use an old credit card and scrape the paint down the paper. Run another line of a different color and scrape that down the paper also. Then take a spritzer filled with water, spritz the paper and then using the credit card, scrape down the paper again. This really turns out great. I do have to admit that Myrna did the darker one on the left of the picture. She was nice enough to give it to me. Guess she knew I would grab it anyway.....LOL

Thanks again Myrna for another fun techinque we did.


Kim said...

This is a cool technique as well and again , thank you. :)

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm gonna put this technique on my want-to-do list!

Sweetwater Designs said...

Oh these are nice...I can think of lots to do with such nifty backgrounds. I wonder if you could run that through your ink jet printer?