Sunday, January 27, 2008


Today was a really fun day at Stamp Shack. I took two classes with Margarite and had a ball. She is such a great teacher and always comes up with such great techniques. The first class was called Fused Fibers. We started by coloring tissue paper using Memory Mist Sprays. Put that on the side and started with the substrate. We used watercolor paper, applied a thin layer of Light Molding Paste and then added pieces of ripped colored tissue paper that we did, lace, sequin waste and netting. We added more of the Molding Paste between the layers of fibers. Then we got to heat set it. You would think that we would be using a regular iron to do this, but Margarite brought in a Euro-Pro press. Once the piece was heat set, we added a thicker layer of the Molding Paste and heat set it again. Then we could stamp on it, color it with water color crayons, just about anything. My piece needs a lot more color, but the techinque was just great.

Then we got to do another class. This one is a book that when opened it will turn into a wall hanging. I wish I had my camera with me, so that I could have taken a picture of her book. We used a piece of crinoline for the base, spread on a 50/50 mixture of water and Gel Matte Medium. Added fibers, sequins and anything else we wanted, spread on another coat of the 50/50 mixture, then covered with white tissue paper. Heat set it with a heat gun, then sprayed it with the Memory Mists. Once dry heat set it again using the press. We then did the other side. The silk fabric came next, we sprayed it with the Memory Mist sprayed some water on it and then heat set it using the press. Then we stamped the silk using Staze-On ink.You can of course use an iron to do all of the heat setting, but it will take longer and if you have or can get an iron with out the steam holes it works better. Now I will have to cut the book fabric into four pieces, along with the silk fabric. Then I can collage the silk along with other papers, lace etc. and then bind it all together.
This was so much fun and it is amazing how you can use things you just wouldn't think of to use.


Kim said...

what a bunch of fun - the examples of your finished work look great and I'll bet you're looking forward to playing with this more in the future too!
Don't forget to post your book when you're done!

Sandra Evertson said...

Very cool! Love the beautiful soft colors!
Sandra Evertson

Dawn said...

Love the look of that background at top of this post, then the stamped image and then that last one- I would love to come and play with you, this looks great. Hope you post picture of your wall hanging when it is complete it sounds really neat...

mary schweitzer said...

I really like your blog and your work. I hope you don't mind that I linked you on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I love your papers! I need to look for a class like that here near me. - Nicki